What's in it for you?
As a Wellness Champion, you get the inside scoop on new things Virgin Pulse has to offer before your colleagues and enjoy that incredible sense of satisfaction that comes with helping to improve people’s lives!

What is a Wellness Champion?
Wellness Champions inspire, excite and encourage. Wellness Champions are the on-site experts and driving force for increased participation in the program and improved health and welbeing for your organization.

Who are Wellness Champions?
Wellness Champions are not fitness fanatics or coaches. They are regular people who enjoy motivating and inspiring others, and rallying around the common goal of a healthier organization.

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What do Wellness Champions do?
Wellness Champions serve as advocates in the workplace and encourage others to get involved. They spread the word, generate excitement, help co-workers learn how to join and how to participate. Wellness Champions act as go-to experts for basic questions about participating in the program and suggest creative ideas that will encourage fellow members to get active and healthy.